Echoes began as a dream: to initiate a non-traditional church in Bellingham that had non-traditional leadership and was radically inclusive. It could be a spiritual home for those who felt like misfits when it came to church, and it could seek to make Bellingham a better place to live for all life forms.

In 2013 Echoes got its start. Our very first public event was hosting a table at Bellingham Pride. We painted faces, met lots of people, and had a poster that read, "We like Jesus, we're not mean." It was awesome.

We're not lone rangers. Echoes is very much supported by our regional and national leadership. Although we're not into denominational divisiveness, it's might be helpful to know that Echoes is Lutheran. The emphasis on grace, mystery, and "always reforming," are Lutheran values that we particularly love and appreciate.

Since 2013 we have seen a wide variety of persons come through our doors, and we have built connections with a wide variety of organizations and projects. We start our 5th year in 2018. There is a lot of room to grow in this community, and a lot of room to welcome additional, fellow journeyers who can add texture and variety to this unique gathering.


We wanted to have a name for this group that had connections with ecology. Echoes exist in the natural world. We also wanted to emphasize that we want to be a listening community. Echoes are reverberations, reflections of sound waves, which can be heard and felt. 

The listening is multi-faceted. We strive to listen to:

  • God
  • Bellingham
  • Others
  • the Self

To this end, at least once a month we are engaging in some kind of listening activity.