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Bellingham, WA


A new faith community? Really?

I know. There are probably already too many individual Christian communities in the world, and in Bellingham! So what’s the deal? Well, there’s a lot of people in this area who are inclined to follow the ways of Jesus, but who don’t fit with “traditional church.”

We’re not traditional church. We are part of the church universal (that is, the huge, amorphous group of people across the globe who claim affinity with the Christian faith), but we don’t worship on Sundays, and we don’t have church property to care for.

Additionally, we aren’t interested in attracting people to “church.” We don’t think that the best we have to offer is an hour for you to sit and hear liturgy and a sermon (although we do hope our monthly worship services are meaningful).

Instead, the best we have to offer is ourselves. We may be finite, limited, and often clueless, but we’re also infused with varying levels of passion, a lot of gratitude, creativity, and a desire to live well. We would like to get to know you, and to help make life a bit better for our common community of Bellingham.

We do this not because we want to “save” you (you might very well be able to save us!), but because we have received an extraordinary gift of faith in a most unusual God.

This faith is tenuous, often fragile, and thankfully, it is kept secure not by our own power, but by the faithfulness of God. It changes us, makes us more human, makes us want to be part of ushering in goodness into the world, one tiny paragraph in the grand story of God redeeming all of creation.

We may be a new community of faith, but the faith itself is not new. As there are an infinite number of personalities in the world, so are there an infinite number of expressions for an ancient faith. Echoes is an experiment in a new form of Christian community.