If you purchase anything on the online behemoth Amazon it is possible to donate a teeny portion of your purchase to Echoes using the Amazon Smile program! Just use this link right here  and 0.5% of all qualifying purchases will be put directly in Echoes' bank account. Easy, right?

AND, we're open for online donations! Wheee!

Question: What will these funds be used for? Answer: all sorts of great things!

Our costs are pretty low, but they are growing as we grow. We rent public spaces on an ongoing basis, we have food to buy, some advertising to do, permits to snag for local events, and random tech expenses. 

If you're inclined to want Echoes gain some traction in the bustling burg of Bellingham, we could use your help. The donate link below will get you to the PayPal site, which is secure (look for the little padlock on the URL bar, just to make sure!). Thank you for considering partnering with us in this manner. 

Note: Since Echoes is a non-profit all donations are tax-deductible. Give to us and you pay less tax. Fun, hey?

Even more fun can be had using a card swiper if you'd like to donate in person! We're so tech.