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Bellingham, WA


Life does not happen in a vacuum, and no person is an island. 

There are a LOT of generous people to thank en route to Echoes becoming a reality. The persons named below are only a few, but they are instrumental:.

Tucker Fitzgerald | artist, for creating a fantastic logo and related designs

Doug W | brother, rocket scientist, who solves tech problems with grace and patience

Jerry B | liason, guide, and interpreter between Echoes and denominational processes

Ryan Marsh | a pastor, a friend, who embodies the beauty of building up others

Mike Folden | a videographer extraordinaire who completed a masterpiece for Echoes

Kristin Rudy | designer of Echoes' posters and self-sacrificing photographer

Seth Thomas | musical architect

Alex Pollitt & Pat Kennedy | former co-workers with mad camera skillz 

...and the list will continue...