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Bellingham, WA


The People

Echoes is comprised of a wide variety of people. We are diverse in age, passions, cultural background, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, ethnicity, body shape, artistic preferences, physical abilities, emotional maturity, education, and we have different ideas on how best to change the world.

As much as we are different, the people of Echoes also have some common characteristics.

Most of us live in the Bellingham, WA, area. Geographic location can unite otherwise disparate people in profound ways.

Most of us have some form of kinship with the person of Jesus. We may not agree on all of the complexities of this world-changing man who lived 2000 years ago, but we agree that his radical calls for grace, inclusion, and freedom from oppression still echo today. These cause us to try and live as humble followers, doing our best to live in accordance with these calls, as individuals and as a collective community.

We believe strongly that all persons have valuable stories and infinite worth.

We want to be bearers of goodness, and not harm.

We want to live more sustainably, increasingly living in tandem with creation, rather than in opposition.

We are on the path of realizing that our goal in life is not to “get it together,” and instead are seeking to embrace our frailties as connection-points to God and others.