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Bellingham, WA




While solitude is a vital necessity for spiritual well-being, humans are made for community. The Triune God establishes this pattern: instead of being the divine One, God is the divine Three, choosing to exist in community. Made in God’s image, we are also in need of community. Echoes values community on various levels: in neighborhoods, in township/county, and globally. We don't exist for the purpose of getting more people "in the pews," we exist for the purpose of making Bellingham a better place for all (including animals and the ecosystem) who live here.


Speaking up and acting on behalf of those whose power has been diminished. Echoes has not yet committed to one primary outlet for advocacy (although we have volunteered with numerous local agencies). Instead we are moved by the passions of those who are involved in Echoes and seek to align with efforts that are already underway, particularly in Bellingham and Whatcom county.


Education is not the golden ticket to achieve world peace, but learning can open us up to new ways of thinking and being, provide us with a better sense of who God is, who we are, and who others are, with a goal of making this world a better place. Educational pursuits are not only classroom based, we learn through all of our senses, through contact with others, through actually quieting our minds, through art and movement, and through putting ourselves in others’ shoes.