We are connecting with Bellingham. This involves pursuing our values in creative ways. On a regular basis, we share meaningful conversation during Dinner & Listening and Theology Pub, align with local non-profits to do volunteer and conservation work, offer worship that is rooted in our region and its concerns, and provide a variety of seasonal and special events.

One of our primary objectives is to turn the church inside out. That is, we don't want a building to become our concern. Instead, the community of Bellingham is our concern. How can we be better citizens and promote the well-being of all life? How can this be a major emphasis of "church"? How can we get to know God and each other, learn and follow the ways of Jesus, and positively contribute to our local community? These are the questions that drive much of what we do.

In general, we have gatherings every Monday night, with one service project each month. Typically, our monthly schedule is as follows:

  • 1st Monday: worship
  • 2nd Monday: Dinner & Listening (includes a potluck meal)
  • 3rd Monday: worship
  • 3rd Saturday: volunteer/service project
  • 4th Monday: Theology Pub


  • Co-hosting "Faith & Nature", a year-long dialogue series with the Whatcom Land Trust
  • Tabling at Pride
  • Easter Walk
  • Volunteering with various non-profit organizations (SEE AFFILIATIONS)
  • Hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing
  • Host Doctober movies at the Pickford
  • Animal Blessings
  • Advent Solstice gatherings
  • Bicycle Blessing
  • Hosting 15th anniversary memorial service for Olympic Pipeline Explosion
  • Christmas readings and songs
  • Letter writing campaigns


  • Totem Pole blessings
  • EcoFaith Conference
  • Interfaith Gatherings

Check out the events page for more information on upcoming gatherings/activites. If you’d like us to join you in a Bellingham event, send us a message through the contact page and we can set up a coffee.