CHARIS WEATHERS, Pastor (she/her/hers)

Having grown up in a military family and traveling a TON, Charis is happy to call Bellingham home. From aspirations in her youth to be an archaeologist and astronomer, she ended up studying theology, an even more ethereal degree.

She received an MDiv at Regent College, worked as a hospital chaplain, was ordained and worked as a pastor in a somewhat conservative denomination, then left it all to enjoy a stint as an outdoor gear expert for a large retailer. In 2010 she stumbled upon Lutherans through a wonderful community in Seattle, Church of the Beloved. The Lutherans want to explore new ways of being Christian community, too, so it was a good fit for Charis. Wanting to have a "normal" job in the community, Charis also works part-time in a local optometry clinic, offering service to greater Bellingham as an Optician who tends to wear rather loud glasses.

As she says, "I love getting together with people, hot or cold beverages in hand, to talk about life, doubts, eternal mysteries, and how to choose just the right tent. Even better, I like to go for walks. I don’t have a lot of answers, but some of my questions are often familiar to many people."

Drop her an email if you'd like to get together. She's curious about everybody. And if you'd like to see the TEDx talk that she gave at Western Washington University in 2015, here it is

THERE IS SOME EXCITING NEWS FOR FUTURE ADDITIONS TO THE TEAM THIS JANUARY AND FEBRUARY! Echoes will be moving to a collaborative curative team with four people sharing the load equally. The team has diversity, an abundance of talent, and synergistic creativity. Experimenting with church has been a hallmark of Echoes - this will be our biggest experiment yet!