Echoes has been serving as a Bellingham church oddity since 2013. We seek wholeness, not harm. We want to make a positive difference for all forms of life in Bellingham, following the generous, inclusive patterns of Jesus. Thanks for visiting our site.

Echoes gathers most Monday evenings! Typically we have at least one service/volunteer project/month.

For every month we have one week each of: Indoor Church, Outdoor Church, Creative Church, and ‘Hamster Church. If there’s a fifth Monday of the month we’ll also host Taize. We endeavor to have Serving Church once a month, where we volunteer in some capacity, with the hope of making life better for others. Occasionally we throw in other cool stuff, too. It’s easiest to figure out what we doing through the events page.

Themes for 2019

February: Re-frame

March: Re-lease

April: Re-vive

May: Re-surge

June: Re-wild

July: Re-sist

August: Re-pair

September: Re-member

October: Re-veal

November: Re-mind

December: Re-lent

Read more about our 2019 RE words and how they inspired what we are doing here at Echoes.