Echoes has been serving as a Bellingham church oddity since 2013. We seek wholeness, not harm. We want to make a positive difference for all forms of life in Bellingham, following the generous, inclusive patterns of Jesus.

Echoes gathers Monday evenings @6:30pm, usually at 2116 Walnut Street in Bellingham (check the events page to confirm).

For every month we have one week each of: Indoor Church, Wild Church, Creative Church, and ‘Hamster Church. If there’s a fifth Monday of the month we throw in a wild card gathering (Taize, movie night, etc.). We endeavor to have Service Church once a month, where we volunteer with a service project, with the hope of making life better for others in our community.

Find out what we are doing on our events page.

Themes for 2019

February: Re-frame

March: Re-lease

April: Re-vive

May: Re-surge

June: Re-wild

July: Re-sist

August: Re-pair

September: Re-member

October: Re-kindle

November: Re-mind

December: Re-lent

Read more about our 2019 RE words and how they inspired what we are doing here at Echoes.