August is for RE-PAIR

We are on the cusp of high summer. Our upcoming word for the month, or theme at Echoes, is re-pair. Repair. As you all know by now, I love words. Their various meanings feed me intellectually and also spiritually.

 Repair has several meanings, which means there are several ways we can interpret this word in our own lives. Perhaps if you are a pessimist like me, you immediately ask yourself: “What in my life is in need of repair?” or aka “How broken am I?”

 Most negative christian theology is focused on how broken we are as human beings. How far we have fallen from the light of God. How unworthy we are of love, how undeserving of God’s grace. But thankfully, this isn’t the only meaning of repair. This isn’t the only way we can experience our humanness in the light of the Holy One.

 One definition of repair is: A STATE OF BEING or FITNESS. Repair can ask us what state we are in. How is our spiritual, emotional, physical, financial and mental health? What kind of estate or form do we find ourselves in in the present moment? Where are we in good order in our lives? Where do we feel most together? Where do we find our deepest tenderness? Our most intimate places with the Divine?

 Another definition for repair is TO RESTORE TO A PREVIOUS STATE OR VIGOR. Instead of thinking we must be entirely destroyed or remade (calling to mind our culture’s obsession to makeover nearly everything), we can begin to think about nurturing life and greenness into areas that use to have more vigor. Instead of demolition think freshen, refresh, rejuvenate, refill, replenish. Our God is a gentle and tender-hearted one. In our upcoming indoor worship, we pray recalling the Psalms:

 When hard pressed, we cry out to You our God, and You bring us into a spacious place. Holy One, you are with us, we will not be afraid.

In the month to come, as all things are ripening and bearing fruit—as we take in the warmth of the sun—as we remember the abundance of the natural world—let us recall the gentle abundance of the Holy One. Let us find what is ripening within ourselves and see what God is bringing into fruition in our lives.

reWilding Blessing

reWilding Blessing
written by Emma Donohew for Wild Church, June 2019

This Blessing is impatient
Unable to wait any longer 
here it is already with us
Taking over
This moment
This place
This earth
Inviting you into a state of awe

Arch your neck
Cradle your ear
Attune your auditory channel 
for this blessing is
Silently whispering to
Your hearts
& Our spirits
Pleading with you & us to listen
Groaning at you & us to care
Crying at you & us to do something

This blessing burst forth into existence awakening us to the glorious wild gift all around you
And under the layers of human overuse, misuse & abuse
Is a land transformed 
But is not a land without hope

This blessing invokes a compassionate song from the layers, from the earth & from the land
That is older
And wiser
And more wild
Than we will ever know

Pleading with us to step aside and let nature do her work
With us as collaborators & caretakers
Letting what wildly roamed this place
Work it’s way back into the ground, the hills, the waterways & reservoirs once more
And maybe even calling forth a little wildness in us, for us, to free us

May this blessing invite you into reWilding as an expression of love for all creation 
Respecting all beings and landscapes as they are authentically

[not only as we wish them to be]

This impatient blessing has found you
It can wait no longer
For that which is reWilding in you.

A Blessing for reSURGEence


A Blessing for reSURGEence
Written by Emma Donohew for Wild Church, May 2019

Upon which ground do you find yourself today?
A ground
fertile with things just becoming aware of their purpose?
A ground
drying out things up becoming awakened to their living?
A ground
teeming with invisible & visible water ways connecting with their origin places?
This ground
Greening with cycles of life & death, a rush & a trickle, a gush & a stream, withering & lushness, closeness & openness

This ground is closer than we think.
Further than we know and always
Ever present modeling the way of life & death.

Of less & more

May this Blessing wriggle its way to you.
No, Encouraging you
To rise up
From your low places
Knowing this ground can hold you

Allow this Blessing,
Like the water,
Even if just the sound

To lift you.
Knowing this water can carry you.

Attune Yourself to Living Things.
Already Around You.

Attune Yourself to Living Things
As this Blessing Frees You,
To participate in the Resurgence around you.

The Resurgence in You.
The Resurgence of You.