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Dinner and Discussion

We've had some awesome dinner and discussions. For this one we are going to watch Brené Brown's Ted talk on shame (no need to watch it in advance!). Our conversation around her vulnerability talk was super meaningful, we're assuming the same for this one.

As with all dinner and discussions: it's potluck style! Bring a dish for others to share. We'll enjoy the meal, and engage in dialogue over an important topic. Civility, openness, respect, and an ear for listening are all highly encouraged. If you are unable to provide some food, come anyway! Group size is limited to 12 people, so make sure to sign up by making contact with us. We'll share the address of the gathering at that time, too, just so you don't have to guess the whereabouts (we're thoughtful that way).

To sign up just send Charis a form submission on the website. There will be new people so if this is your first Echoes event you won't be alone! We hope you can join.


Brené Brown

Brené Brown

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