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Theology Pub @ Elizabeth Station: All Saints Day

Have some theological wonderings? Come join fellow wonderers and talk about such wonderings over a beverage or snack of your choice. We'll be located in the back room at Elizabeth Station. They have a few menu items, and about all the liquid refreshment choices you can imagine. Under 21ers and non-drinkers are welcome, too, especially since there are loads of unique, non-alcoholic options.

Nov. 1st is All Saints Day, and in that vein we want to honor those who have been saints in our lives.

For our conversation: consider who have been "saints" to you. Traditionally they would be deceased, but we'll accept if a saint for you is still living. Let us know who this person is, and why they have been a saint for you. They can be authors, notable figures in history, a family member, teacher, next-door neighbor, even an animal companion. There are no limits here.

Optional: bring a photo, a memento, a poem, some art, etc., that helps describe this person.

We'll light a candle in honor of these saints, and have communion at the end. 

We assume no animals were harmed in this photo. 

We assume no animals were harmed in this photo. 

Come join us for meaningful conversation, interesting beverages, awesome company, and, hopefully, heart engagement. We're usually in the back room, so make sure to look for us there!

 Send us a message if you have any questions!

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