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Subvert Consumerism: Crafts #1 @ the RE Store

Thanksgiving is upon us. That means Christmas is up next.

We all know that most of us have enough stuff. (Certainly not all persons living in Bellingham, but most.) We also know that in our culture Christmas is a time to show affection and care by giving gifts. This creates a bit of a conundrum: we want to give gifts, but gifts aren't really necessary. The result is the perpetuation/entrenchment of consumerism, while keeping a large number of foreign workers in semi- or full slavery to satisfy our desires for "stuff". 

There must be other ways to celebrate the birth of Christ, our love for others, and exercise generosity.

This will be the second year we're hosting evenings of companionship, and creativity. Last year we had one, this year we'll have two (Nov. 23 and Dec. 14) nights! We'll have all the necessary materials available, along with hands-on instruction, to make specific, inexpensive hand-made Christmas gifts.

There are no expectations upon anyone who comes. You don't have to make masterpieces. You don't even have to try making anything! You can simply come, enjoy a hot beverage, great conversation, listen to Christmas music, and watch the activities. 

If you do make some items to take home as gifts, it'll be possible to make a donation to cover some of the cost of materials.

We will have a tool that burn into wood. If you've got some sort of wood that you'd like to decorate with burning, bring it along!

Location is that the RE Store @ 2309 Meridian. We'll be on the second floor - just go up the outside stairs at the back of the building. 

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