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Lent: Labyrinth meditation

Lent, the span of several weeks leading up to Easter, is a great opportunity for reflection and prayer. There are an infinite number of ways to engage with Lent, and this year Echoes is going to do a labyrinth walk.

Walking the pattern of a labyrinth has great meaning for some people, and for others the experience is less enlightening than it is relaxing. It is an individual exercise, even though this particular walk will be done as a group. After receiving some instruction on walking the labyrinth, we'll walk in silence, pausing occasionally for reflection. 

St Paul's Episcopal is kindly offering us the use of their excellent canvas labyrinth for this event. From their website: 

"The labyrinth is a combinaton of walking and prayer, with roots in ancient history.  These "paths for prayer" have been part of Christian prayer and pilgrimage since the middle ages.  Rediscovered and re-popularized in the late twentieth century, they have once again become a powerful practice for opening ourselves and our lives to the guidance and presence of God.

Labyrinths are often confused with mazes.  But while a maze has dead ends and blind alleys, the labyrinth has only one path leading both in and out of the center.  The labyrinth is flat,  One can always see the center.  The destination is assured, so that the mind can be still and attentive. 

Walking the labyrinth clears the mind and gives us insight into our spiritual journeys.  The labyrinth does  nothing on its own.  It is simply a tool that many people have found helpful for deepening their prayer lives.  Each walk into and out of the labyrinth is a unique opportunity to meet our creative, loving God through contemplative prayer. 

St. Paul's labyrinth is based on the pattern built into the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France.  It is a full 12 circuit labyrinth that was created with volunteer labor and funding."

LOCATION: In the gym at St Paul's @ 2117 Walnut St. If you're standing on Walnut Street, facing the church, the gym is at the farthest right end of the building.  

"Centered" by Urban Sea Star, flickr creative commons

"Centered" by Urban Sea Star, flickr creative commons

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