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Intro to the Enneagram! @ the RE Store

The Enneagram is an ancient system used to determine personality type. This isn't some cheesy magazine quiz, though! While it's usually fairly straightforward to determine one's type, understanding the Enneagram at a deep level can take a lifetime.

Many Echoites already talk about their Enneagram types, so it will be helpful to have a larger introduction.

Participants will get a lot more out of the evening if they have an idea of their type beforehand. This can be determined easily by going to this link to take a free online test (either one will work). Make sure to read the directions before taking the test. It's not necessary to print out your results, but it would be helpful. At the very least make note of your top 3 highest scores in order (e.g.., 9-21, 6=19, 7=17). 

We don't plan to have this as a potluck night, but please feel free to bring your own dinner! BYOD :-)

LOCATION: The RE Store upstairs small meeting room. Find the stairs on the outside of the building (off of the parking lot), head up, and it's the first room on your left. Address is 2309 Meridian St.