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Faith and Nature, episode 3

"How can faith inform a love for nature?" This is the central question driving the year-long series, Faith & Nature, hosted by the Whatcom Land Trust.

During each episode representatives from various faith traditions such as Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Native American spirituality, Judaism, Atheism, and Unitarianism, share an evening of dialogue. The format is more talk show than lecture, with an opportunity for audience Q&A at the end. Light refreshments will be available.

Location is the large meeting room on the ground floor of the Bellingham Central Library (210 Central Ave).

Tickets are free, please sign up with Eventbrite.. Thanks!

For this particular episode we have the opportunity to hear from Janet Marino (Atheist) and Dr. Joseph Correa (Catholic).

Janet has been a Bellingham resident for 22 years and active in the fields of environmental and social justice since her youth. She is a WWU graduate in Political Science and currently employed as a Project Manager for Northwest Youth Services. She spent 7 years working for RE Sources as a manager at the ReStore, 5 years at the YWCA Bellingham as Operations Manager, and 5 years as the director of the Whatcom Peace & Justice Center. She is acutely interested in the intersection of environmental justice and social justice, particularly those communities that are most effected by industrial pollution, climate change, structural oppression and poverty.

Janet enjoys good meals with close friends, playing music, getting outdoors, spending time with her loved ones, her pets and her garden.

With eight master's degrees and two PhD's, Joseph is a highly trained academic thinker! As a former Jesuit priest, he is also well-versed in Catholic theology and practice. Professionally he has experience as the Dean of Graduate Studies (establishing the largest MBA program in Pennsylvania), Professor of Strategic Management (and many other disciplines), International Speaker, Member of the Diplomatic Corps at the United Nations, and designer of International business initatives.

Born in India, Joseph is well-versed in Hinduism, and his Indian food cooking has many adoring fans.

Our dialogue facilitator is Rev. Charis Weathers, pastor of Echoes, a unique experimental church in Bellingham. She brings perspective as a Lutheran pastor who has spent a few decades as an outdoor enthusiast, and has great hope that Whatcom County can continue to be a leader in environmental conservation.

The host organization, Whatcom Land Trust, is located here in Bellingham. “Listening to the common values that exist among people of different backgrounds,” said Whatcom Land Trust Executive Director Rich Bowers, “and understanding that our stewardship of the land is consistent with the beliefs, scripture and tradition of so many living and working here in Whatcom County, is incredibly valuable to our work.”