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Bellingham, WA


Echoes gathers every Monday evening! There is also at least one service project/month, scheduled on the 3rd Sat of the month. As with all Echoes events, anyone is welcome to join! Most Monday gatherings are located at the WHATCOM LAND TRUST, but click on the event just to make sure. 

Our gathering rhythm is:

1st Monday: worship

2nd Monday: dinner + listening

3rd Monday: worship

3rd Saturday: service project/volunteer (making B'ham better for all!)

4th Monday: theology pub (Greene's Corner, until further notice)

5th Monday -if there is one- flexible fifth (all kinds of cray cray)

Click on the event for details, and for the option to automatically add the event to your calendar.


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4th Monday: Subverting Consumerism/Embracing handmade

As we've done for the past few years, Echoes is recognizing the need to reel in consumerism, particularly around the holidays. Many of us (and most of whom we know) have all the "stuff" we need, and yet the act of giving can create healing and joy.

In answer to this lovely proclivity to GIVE, we are hosting a craft-making night. And, hey, it's a way more sustainable practice.

There will be several craft options (very low skill level required!) to choose from, along with great instruction.

Come join us. It'll be fun. 

And, please, apart from this awesome event, give the gift of soul-honoring love as much as you can this season. There's no doubt that everyone needs it.

Location: Whatcom Land Trust

*note: gifts are gender neutral!