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3rd Monday: 2017 hopes/goals/dreams, pt 1

The planet keeps revolving around the sun, and we've got another brand-spankin' new calendar year before us. That means it's that time of year to reflect upon where we've come from and where we think/hope/wish we're going. 

Normally the 3rd Monday of the month is Theology Pub, but tonight we're diverging in order to steer Echoes on the good path that it's already been traversing.

Some might call this a planning time for Echoes, but it's way more interesting than that. Because, well, Echoes. Things are always interesting in this group.

It's also a great time for anyone new to drop in. You'll get a SUPER HELPFUL look at the ethos of this community, what we care about, and you can even add your voice to what you expect/hope from a church here in B'ham. We continue to define and redefine who we are and who we want to be as we try to embody people who are following the ways of Jesus. 

Ample snacks will be provided. As well as doodling paper. 

Location is the Whatcom Land Trust, at 412 N. Commercial St.