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Faith & Nature, episode 5

Instead of Theology Pub, this week Echoes is teaming up with the Whatcom Land Trust to host the 5th episode of the Faith & Nature series!

During each episode representatives from various faith traditions such as Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Native American spirituality, Judaism, Atheism, and Unitarianism, share an evening of dialogue. Charis Weathers, of Echoes, is the facilitator. The format is more talk show than lecture, with an opportunity for audience Q&A at the end. Light refreshments will be available.

Location: Fairhaven Library Auditorium

This evening's dialogue partners are Elkah Katz (Jewish), and Yisrael Bisman (Spiritual Yogi)

Elkah Katz is a seminary student working towards ordination as a Jewish chaplain.  As a child, her religious experience was synagogue-focused and urban, but she has always been drawn to the quiet beauty of the woods to experience the closeness of Gā€™d.  

She graduated from Swarthmore College, where she focused her studies on the interplay between religion, nature and language.  She then studied with various Rabbis and teachers who emphasized the eco-spiritual aspects of Judaism.  Her learning encompassed wisdom tales, mysticism, and an innovative approach to prayer and text study.   

Elkah is a spiritual leader of the Shir HaShalom (Song of Peace) community.  She draws on her understanding of nature as a precious, rich source of connection to the Holy One of Blessing.  She enjoys sharing Jewish mystical teachings that bring us into a deeper harmony with ourselves and with all of creation.

Yisrael Bisman was born in Texas, but has lived in California, New York, Israel, Greece, London, Idaho, Arizona, Indiana, and Washington State. He spends his time now going between Everett and Bellingham.

He considers himself to be a Boundary Crosser and has followed a more eastern tradition of sitting with many teachers, shamans, gurus, masters, and lamas. This path has been called many things, but Yisrael refers to it as simply Sanatana Dharma or the Eternal Path. This encompasses an understanding that the Earth itself is a living organism and that the Divine Feminine is to be cherished.

After travelling the US, Europe, and the Mediterranean after high school, he returned and spent 7 years in business as a Gallery owner and Theatre producer. He also spent 3 years doing Psychological research and interventions and resumed formal studies in Psychology and Middle East History at the University of Houston and The University of Judaism. Then, after 7 years as a Systems Analyst he returned primarily to the Spiritual journey.

This year he launched a creative Podcast called Dharma Review.

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