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Small hike instead of snowshoeing...and date change...

Weather has again cancelled our snowshoe plans, so we're changing gears by changing the date and activity. Instead of snowshoeing on Sunday, we'll instead head to Larrabee State Park for a short hike to a lovely beach. 

LET'S CARPOOL to take advantage of Discover parking passes, and reduce some gas fumes. MEET UP tomorrow at 10am at the first parking lot to the right in Fairhaven Park.

Here's the location for carpooling:

Terrain for the hike: it's mostly level ground, with several uneven areas. There is one small section with some slick-ish rock on a good slope. It's helpful to have some shoes with decent traction. If there is snow it could be even slipperier. We should be able to handle it, though, if everyone looks out for each other. There is also a railroad crossing where we have to be very alert. The beach itself is sandy and rocky. It should only be a few hours of exploring and walking; if you want more exercise you'll be set up perfectly to head up to Fragrance Lake afterwards.

BRING: warm layers of clothes! Should include a hat, gloves, maybe scarf. It doesn't *look* like rain at the moment, but bring a waterproof coat just in case. 

Other things to consider bringing:

- A thermos with warm beverage

- something to sit on (like a few plastic bags; not a whole chair unless it's uber tiny)

- a Discover Pass if you have one

- trekking poles if you feel unstable on uneven terrain

- a snack (particularly if you need regular food intake)

This should be fun and way more doable than snowshoeing on Sunday. I'm so sorry for the last minute changes; hopefully this will be super fun. If you're planning to come, do let us know via our contact page so that we can look for you. Even if you've never been to any Echoes events, you are welcome!!