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'Hamster Church featuring NATALIE WHITMAN

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For yet another new endeavor, Echoes will be hosting a monthly gathering in which we invite a member from the larger Bellingham community to share about their life - why are they here? what are they doing to make life better here in the ‘ham?

The goal is to create better networks here in Bellingham. We’ll be recording these sessions in hopes of launching a podcast that seeks to give voice to even more Bellinghamsters, developing a broader web of neighbors who know each other. We live in an amazing place with amazing people - it’s worthwhile to get to know others!

Some conversations in ‘hamster church may delve into spiritual topics, many will not. Regardless, there is incredible value in getting to know our neighbors.

Snacks: feel free to bring some. Abundant snacks for all!

Location: the Whatcom Land Trust (412 N Commercial; near City Hall)

Our February ‘hamster church will feature Natalie Whitman, with a focus on reFraming

Natalie lived in Bellingham for many years before moving to Southern Arizona. While here, Natalie raised a son, served in several professional roles, and became an integral part of Bellingham life. In Arizona Natalie has marveled at the diversity of life (human and otherwise), and has volunteered with an agency that seeks to make life safer for immigrants. Moving away from Bellingham has been difficult, and yet it has brought some unique perspective, a reFraming, to this place that, while challenging, can be helpful for ‘hamsters to hear.

In addition to her relocation, we will also be talking with Natalie about her work. In Arizona she had dissatisfying professional work. She is now employed as a custodian. In addition to building an awesome fitness level, Natalie has gained hard-fought, reFraming insight into the ethics of work and class. A deep thinker who communicates exceptionally well, Natalie is engaging, insightful, and leaves her listeners with much food for thought.

Back in town for just a short time, this conversation is not to be missed!