A Blessing for Release


A Blessing for Release
written by Emma Donohew for Ash Wednesday 2019

May this blessing find you in the places you feel confined
May its words weave into those parts of your being that have become restrained
Let this blessing be a small permission slip
To release the burdens you no longer need to carry


Unclench your hands
Let Go of that which you were holding
That which is you were holding too tightly too

Unleash your breath
Let Go of that shortness
That separation of flow

Unlock your heart
Let Go of that which is no longer serving you
That blockage that interferes with your authenticity

Let Go
Even just a little
So that this blessing can rise up to fill the spaces
Those holy spaces that emerge


For you were created from Holy Dirt
For you were born from Holy Dust
For you are here to be fully alive

Let Go
Again and Again
So that this blessing can wait with you in your discernment
About what you decide will fill you again