Repair Blessing


Repair Blessing
written by Emma Donohew for Wild Church, August 2019

May this blessing come in waves
waves of wonder
waves of astonishment
then waves of despair

It’s so much easier sometimes to tear it down
But then begins the long slow work of REpair

So before we begin to feel the crushing weight, that we are in this all alone,
This Blessing comes again once more 
In not one but in twos

The first wave is to remind you of the companioning that happens
and is necessary in the delicate art of healing and making things new
The sacred pairing that we hope to have
as we work towards reconciliation between all beings.

It can be overwhelming all the work that needs to be done.

We need not look hard for the cracks to appear
For in those things & relationships worth renewing 
Will always follow wear

The second wave comes swiftly and forcefully 
to remind you that all things worth saving come out of a deep relationship of love

This blessing is begging you to reconsider your role as someone who can mend

Is it ok to want to go back to when something was new?
Or at least not throw it away without trying to mend, fix or repair it?

This blessing is for a repair that goes beyond hammers and nails
Goes beyond gauze and bandages 
Goes beyond sorry and forgiveness

This blessing
Requires vulnerability to know our place in the cycle of life and death
The earth knows how to repair
To renew
To refill empty space with life

Open yourself to this blessing and it’s final wave of courage
For repairing ourselves, community and world
For you have been made holy and whole.