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Game Night!

Play has been linked to stress reduction, and increases in resilience, creativity, and emotional well-being. Even theological giant Jurgen Moltmann wrote a book on the "Theology of Play," regarding our need to experience delight in the world, with others, and with God.

In light of this, we sometimes have a game night at Echoes. With October being quite full of all sorts of gatherings and activites, this evening is just for play.

We'll have a bunch of games on hand, but bring your favorite if you'd like to share it with others. No need to be a games expert (far from it!); all games are well-taught before and during play.

Competition is kept low, enjoyment is kept high. 

Bring some snacks if you feel inclined, or have something you'd like to share.

Location is at Rachel and Lika's. Message for their address!