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1st Monday: Dinner and Listening: Coast Salish People's Day & Canadian Thanksgiving come early!

Back by popular request! And early, too!

Due to the success of last year's celebration, Echoes is again celebrating both Canadian Thanksgiving and Indigenous People's Day (specifically Coast Salish People's Day in this region) with a potluck and educational time. We will enjoy a Thanksgiving meal (thanks to the Canadians who celebrate this day much earlier than Americans!), and hear some Coast Salish storytelling from a Lummi elder. The "actual" day for both Canadian Tgiving and Indigenous People's Day is Oct. 10th, but we're so excited about it we're celebrating a week early, on Oct. 3rd :-)

Since the Thanksgiving food fare is nearly identical to that of the U.S., Echoes people are signing up to bring their favorite Thanksgiving foods. So far we are expecting mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, roasted veggies, salad, sweet potato casserole, turkey casserole, salmon, and a few pies (this list will be updated!). We will have enough food for anyone who wants to come, but if you'd like to bring a dish feel free to choose something that isn't on this list. We are hoping that salmon will again replace the turkey, in recognition of this sacred and important fish of Coast Salish peoples.

We are fortunate that this region (specifically Whatcom County) has officially recognized the importance of celebrating Indigenous People's Day. This is a redirection away from Columbus Day, and reorienting toward the peoples who were thriving here long, long before European settlers arrived. Tonight we honor those who sustainably inhabited this land for thousands of years before settlers arrived. 

Please join us for this festive occasion. 

Location is our usual gathering place, the Whatcom Land Trust, downtown, next to City Hall.