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Indoor Church @ Whatcom Land Trust

“Indoor Church”? Yep. Because sometimes we’re indoors and sometimes we’re outdoors for church.

Because all of life can be lived within the context of worship, Echoes generally only has two explicit worship gatherings per month (starting in Feb 2019, one will be indoors, and one outdoors). Safe enough for anyone to visit, straightforward enough to know what's going on, casual enough to wear whatever you want, we welcome anyone to the gathering and to the communion table - every one is welcome, really.

In each worship gathering we follow the ancient pattern of "gathering, Word, meal, and sending," and we often have some time set aside for personal reflection. After a little bit of silence, we recognize this as Coast Salish land, sing some songs, read and converse about scripture, pray, and share communion. It's a relaxed time, with multiple voices being offered and shared.

This month’s theme is reSurge, so all of our gatherings in May will focus on this topic.

The gathering starts at 6:30, will last for about an hour, and there will be snacks available.

Our location is at Whatcom Land Trust! It's easy to find because it's right next to City Hall. There is a lot of street parking, and the building has a great feel (the Land Trust does amazing work!). Address is 412 N Commercial; look for the Whatcom Land Trust sign.