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Wild Church and Hike

From ancient times it has been widely acknowledged that there are Two Books from which we can know God: Scripture and Nature. Echoes is newly affiliated with The Wild Church Network, and we’ll be practicing at least one outdoor church gathering each month.

The theme of reSURGE will echo through the fir trees, the rainfall, the owl’s call, the deer’s stare, the rivers’ rise, calling to us to listen and reflect on the reality of Christ, present in all things. Church of the Wild is an opportunity for us to develop spiritual practices that draw us deeper into relationship with the sacred in our own untamed hearts, in our watershed and with our undomesticated God.

Location: TBD

Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather. Bring a short chair, a blanket, and your journal. Bring, also, your open heart to experience God in nature, as a community.

FOR THE HIKE: bring all the sensible gear and clothing you need for walking on mountain-y trails. The hike will follow Wild Church, so it’ll be approximately noon - 4 or 5 pm.