A Blessing for reSURGEence


A Blessing for reSURGEence
Written by Emma Donohew for Wild Church, May 2019

Upon which ground do you find yourself today?
A ground
fertile with things just becoming aware of their purpose?
A ground
drying out things up becoming awakened to their living?
A ground
teeming with invisible & visible water ways connecting with their origin places?
This ground
Greening with cycles of life & death, a rush & a trickle, a gush & a stream, withering & lushness, closeness & openness

This ground is closer than we think.
Further than we know and always
Ever present modeling the way of life & death.

Of less & more

May this Blessing wriggle its way to you.
No, Encouraging you
To rise up
From your low places
Knowing this ground can hold you

Allow this Blessing,
Like the water,
Even if just the sound

To lift you.
Knowing this water can carry you.

Attune Yourself to Living Things.
Already Around You.

Attune Yourself to Living Things
As this Blessing Frees You,
To participate in the Resurgence around you.

The Resurgence in You.
The Resurgence of You.