reWilding Blessing

reWilding Blessing
written by Emma Donohew for Wild Church, June 2019

This Blessing is impatient
Unable to wait any longer 
here it is already with us
Taking over
This moment
This place
This earth
Inviting you into a state of awe

Arch your neck
Cradle your ear
Attune your auditory channel 
for this blessing is
Silently whispering to
Your hearts
& Our spirits

Pleading with you & us to listen
Groaning at you & us to care
Crying at you & us to do something

This blessing burst forth into existence awakening us to the glorious wild gift all around you
And under the layers of human overuse, misuse & abuse
Is a land transformed 
But is not a land without hope

This blessing invokes a compassionate song from the layers, from the earth & from the land
That is older
And wiser
And more wild
Than we will ever know

Pleading with us to step aside and let nature do her work
With us as collaborators & caretakers
Letting what wildly roamed this place
Work it’s way back into the ground, the hills, the waterways & reservoirs once more
And maybe even calling forth a little wildness in us, for us, to free us

May this blessing invite you into reWilding as an expression of love for all creation 
Respecting all beings and landscapes as they are authentically

[not only as we wish them to be]

This impatient blessing has found you
It can wait no longer
For that which is reWilding in you.